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The Bin Laden Raid Hoax

May 14, 2012

By John K Rooney

joseph goebbels

Joseph Goebbels

Welcome to the new cult of government.  It provides, fathers, teaches, controls, establishes an alternate morality and can turn lies into truth by the miracle of repetition.  It’s amazing the power it wields by just repeating and repeating a matter until what seemed ridiculous, becomes ridiculous not to accept.  Such is the myth of bin Laden’s killing.  Let’s go past the Le Figaro and Guardian’s articles describing Osama’s July 2001 visit to the American Hospital in Dubai for 10 days and his need for dialysis, or other papers that reported his death by natural causes in late 2001.  And that CBS told of the former CIA asset’s September 10th, 2001 visit to a hospital in Rawalpindi for dialysis.  Now, let’s look into recent news of bin Laden’s alleged killing.

First of all, the government tells us bin Laden’s body was dropped into the sea.  What, no concrete shoes?  But really, give me a break!  How stupid do they think we are!  The most wanted boogeyman on earth, despite FBI’s Rex Tomb admitting there wasn’t enough evidence linking Osama to 9-11, yet our military’s finest destroy the evidence.  I’ll not repeat the government’s lame excuses or the ever-changing official versions.  This one point makes the government’s entire story suspect.  Any self-respecting news agency that claims to be independent should question the narrative just because of this one item.

Well, at least we have the eyewitness accounts of the Navy Seals with their testimonies of the raid.  In fulfillment of an Alex Jones prediction, and to our horror, many of the members of the alleged Seal Team 6 were killed in a helicopter attack.  The downing of the Chinook supposedly killed 22 Seals, among others, and was the greatest single US loss in the Afghanistan War.  Dead men tell no tales.

But let’s go back to the night of the alleged OBL raid.  What did rooftop eyewitness named Mr. Bashir say about the operation?  In a Pakistani TV interview he said there were three helicopters but only one actually landed and dropped 10-12 soldiers, and they returned shortly back to the aircraft.  When the helicopter lifted up it blew up, killing all the occupants.  Bashir said he saw the dead bodies and body parts.   I wonder how they could have even taken bin Laden to the sea if the commandos died at the compound?

You might recall the so called video of bin Laden watching himself on TV at the  compound?  The BBC interviewed 50 Abbottabad locals and found only one of the 50 who believed it was bin Laden in the video.  The other 49 said it was not OBL, including a neighbor who plainly stated that the man in the video was the owner of the house named Akberhan (spelling).  The neighbor said he knew this man very well.

The staged “situation room” photos in which the president claimed to see bin Laden shot in the eye and Hillary Clinton produced her shocked look were just that, staged.  According to a London Telegraph report dated May 4th, 2011, head of CIA Leon Panetta claimed once those teams went into the compound there was a 20-25 minute blackout period, “where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on.”

At first, a fake photo of a dead bin Laden was being circulated, but the general media backed off after the Photoshop image became evident.  But one question I ask is this.  After all of these lies, what compels us to continue to trust the government and the lap-dog news media, including neocon, GOP shills?  I am excluding many local outlets because of their importance in local news.  Here’s my advice: try using real, alternative news sources like,, or Liberty Digest.  I wouldn’t blindly trust anything the establishment asserts about Osama bin Laden or the bogus war on terror or …anything, really.


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  1. May 14, 2012 1:18 pm

    The biggest story is the coverage Sibel Edwards is getting being an FBI whisteblower who was put under state arrest for reporting things she knew were wrong. Amazing unbelievable story but so great to have a woman so adamant in sticking to her truth no matter what. And pointing out her violation of constitutional rights. also more at

  2. Yolly permalink
    May 15, 2012 3:25 am

    Bin Laden wasnt involved in 9-11? Curious that he triumphally procliamed he was again and again.

    And if the rest of your story is true, who are the women and children arrested at the compound who agree they are Bin Laden’s family? Oh, oops. You whole premise falls down right there.

    There’s enough serious stuff going on that deserves your attention without this sensationalist nonsense.

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