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Impeach Obama Campaign – DHS Green Police? – British Intel Asset and Terrorist Aswat Escapes Extradition – Robert Mackay: Rubber Gloves Justice

April 12, 2012

Score one for the chickens – a small victory in Johnson City, Tennessee

Green Police? DHS Launches ‘Environmental Justice’ Units

Rape Victim Incarcerated To Ensure She Testifies


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April 11, 2012


British Intelligence Asset Haroon Rashid Aswat Escapes Extradition

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Kurt Nimmo
April 11, 2012

A British court has ruled that intelligence asset Haroon Rashid Aswat will not be extradited to the United States to face terrorism charges. According to The Telegraph, a deportation appeal was adjourned because of concerns over Aswat’s mental health. He is said to be suffering from schizophrenia and is currently interned at the Broadmoor Hospital, a high-security psychiatric hospital in Berkshire, England.

photoBoth Haroon Rashid Aswat (background) and Abu Hamza al-Masri worked for British intelligence.

Aswat attended militant training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He recruited al-Qaeda fighters for the covert U.S. and NATO efforts to destabilize Bosnia and Chechnya. In the late 1990s, he became a “highly public aide” to London Finsbury Park mosque imam Abu Hamza al-Masri, who worked as an informer for the Special Branch of the British police and MI5.

Aswat is billed as the “mastermind” behind the 7/7 London bombings. Prior to the bombings, he was “monitored” (handled) by U.S. and British intelligence, according to the London Times.

After the Times reported that Aswat had been in regular phone contact with the supposed bombers Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, British authorities warned “that the calls may have been made to a phone linked to Aswat, rather than the man himself.” It would be revealed later that U.S. intelligence was surveilling calls between Aswat and the alleged bombers on the day of the attack.

Khan was also working for the British intelligence agency MI5 as an informant at the time of the attacks, according to Charles Shoebridge, a noted terror expert.

“This is the guy [Aswat], and what’s really embarrassing is that the entire British police are out chasing him, and one wing of the British government, MI6 or the British Secret Service, has been hiding him. And this has been a real source of contention between the CIA, the Justice Department, and Britain,” former U.S. government prosecutor and former Army intelligence officer John Loftus told Fox News after the bombings.

Authors Sean O’Neill and Daniel McGrory have pointed out that many of the radical London imams, including Abu Hamza al-Masri and Abu Qatada, worked with British intelligence and were protected by them. “The [imams] all claimed that Islamist radicals felt safe in London as they were protected by what they called the ‘covenant of security.’ This, they explained, was a deal whereby if extremist groups pledged not to stage attacks or cause disruption in [Britain], the police and intelligence agencies left them alone,” the authors write.

As usual, the corporate media is ignoring the real story behind the Haroon Rashid Aswat extradition – British intelligence is protecting Aswat by claiming he is in a hospital suffering from mental illness. If it is determined he is insane and thus untouchable, he will not be sent to the United States and the degree of his complicity with intelligence agencies may never be known.


Rubber Gloves Justice

If and when the Legal System is corrupted
to the point that it breaks down,it NO
LONGER MAKES SENSE to keep squandering time
and treasure on the Legal System to
establish Justice!

The few unhappy petty officials that invent
their own justice through the arrogant abuse
of their power, are easy to find, small minded,
and ripe for a dose of PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR.

The ingredients are simple.  Organize into
small groups with others you know well and
trust.  Remember if you end up in court, a
jury of your peers will see you as purveyors
of fairness and an asset to the community.
Know your enemy and employ his fears and
weaknesses against him.  You are having a
battle of wits with unarmed people.

Locally, an Illegal and Unconstitutional (Henrico County)
battle is being waged against the citizens’
right to free speech.  It is against the law
to deprive citizens of their God-Given civil
rights:  In this jurisdiction, you will at the
very least be fined for putting up any
Political Sign on your own property without
paying the County Fee to do so.  What happened
to FREE Speech?, and what will be the next
step if we just sit around?

– If we do not act, we are derelict in our

Get your hands on stacks of political signs
and put them in the front yards of the guilty
judges and politicians, and then call the
police and complain that they have not paid
their FEE.

Glue political signs to their vehicles and
windshields.  Also, include signs rightfully
accusing these officials of denying free

Remember, if you DO get caught you will be
judged by your peers, and will have an
excellent chance of acquiring the offices
of these corrupt officials at the next

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