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Govt. Agencies Run Amok – Secret of Trayvon Martin Shooting – 1984 Telescreens Coming? – The Hunger Games

March 25, 2012

Your TV Soon May Be Watching You

The Hunger Games Movie: First in an Exciting Trilogy

Cheney Gets New Heart


Secret Of Trayvon Martin Shooting Revealed

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Alex Jones
March 24, 2012

Obama is using the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin as a political diversion from his failed administration. He has even tried to put himself in the story by saying Trayvon looks like the son he never had. This is shameless exploitation at its most disgusting. Now we learn the police have a report from the night of the shooting that says Martin jumped on Zimmerman. Watch my report below to learn more.

New Witness Claims Trayvon May Have Attacked Zimmerman


Government Agencies Run Amok

By Robert Mackay

People love to tell me, “Don’t quit your day job”. So far, I am still a construction sub-contractor. I can tell you that one of the most feared events is to see one or more O.S.H.A., (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), inspectors across the street, recording everything with their video cameras. – Evidence – ! This usually lasts for a half an hour to an hour, then they pounce. The site is totally shut down, and nobody can leave until the inquisition is completed. I tell my crew, ” If you see anyone with a video camera, run for your life and meet me at the nearest bar”.

The inspection has nothing to do with safety. It is a MONEY GRAB. Much of O.S.H.A.’s budget is paid for from the outrageous fines they levy. The general contractors are lucky to get away with as little as $5,000 in fines on a single visit. I’ve seen fines close to $20,000 and higher. How would you like to get a fine of $400 because the top step going to the construction trailer is one quarter of an inch too far below the doorway threshold?

No matter how hard you try, there’s no way to comply and escape losing a lot of money. Examples: M.S.D.S. sheets (Material Safety Data Sheets), showing chemical content must be produced within four minutes. The inspector turns on his stopwatch. Sheets are needed for chalk, gasoline, common cleaners, household items, and things you would never dream of.

A type-written plan is also required within four minutes, detailing precise clean up and chemical waste storage plans. Everything liquid or powder is considered a chemical. If you have one typed up plan for spilled paint, and one plan for spilled powdered chalk, that’s not good enough. Another typed up plan is required specifying what to do if powdered chalk and paint are both spilled and mix.

An “O.S.H.A. -approved” gas can is required. They cost almost $100, and the one I bought leaked, so I gave it to a friend. If I get caught with my normal, perfectly legal gas can, the fine is $600. If you run afoul of any federal regulatory agency, Environmental Protection, Equal Opportunity, F.C.C., D.E.A., F.D.A., you name it, you have no due process. Each agency writes its own regulations — laws, has its own law enforcement, and the judges are employees of the agency. All three branches of government are rolled into one. If the judge rules in your favor, he can be overruled by the agency. This is double jeopardy, and there is no jury. What happened to our constitution?

OSHA approved gas can

So what brought us into this twisted state of circumstances? These originally well-meaning regulatory agencies were put in operation to deal with preventable injuries, deaths, injustices, exploitation, pollution, and the list goes on. But in time, the same abuse of authority, being out of touch with the real world, arrogance, criminal incompetence in the wasting of resources, and lack of common sense will usually surface.

Some things in common are happening: Most government operations used to get an automatic 10% increase in funding every year, and supposedly this is now 5%. If the money budgeted for the year is not spent, there will be no increase the next year, and maybe demotions as a penalty for not spending enough. Waste and inefficiency become good because it ensures using all of the budget. There is little incentive to hire the most competent, or to motivate personnel, because growth and power have become the most important factors.

The original goal of the Agencies has been replaced, and this effectively destroys common sense, cost control, quality, discipline, innovation, and loyalty, -the essential ingredients that would keep a private corporation from bankruptcy.

The mindless throwing of money at a problem is not the answer.

There is also another angle here. Occasionally, a few wealthy and huge corporations have been able to derive enormous profits by supporting unreasonable over-regulation. One example is the Meat Industry in the early 1900’s. Big Meat supported and and lobbied into law many unnecessary and prohibitively expensive regulations for operations and cleaning that put hundreds of small mom and pop companies out of business all over the United States. The 3 or 4 largest companies were the only ones with enough capital to afford to comply. With the competition out of the way, they inherited a virtual monopoly.

Today we have Phillips Corporation pushing for the outlawing of incandescent light bulbs. Phillips and others have cornered the market on the longer lasting curly-cue florescent bulbs. The curly-cues contain highly toxic Mercury which will end up in our land-fills and eventually in our drinking water.

Other corporate giants are getting in on the action to make everything “Green”. Again, the money funneled to politicians is causing legislation that will artificially create new markets that only the well financed have the resources to supply.

Our Founding Fathers were geniuses. They realized that whenever there is authority without accountability, you get tyranny. Power corrupts and bad things happen.

Here’s how to fix this mess: Local Government Agency and Department Budgets should be more easily available to the public. The planning and designing of the next year’s spending should be assigned to whomever comes up with the most effective and efficient package. Government planners must compete with students, employees, and citizens. Winners get 10% of the net savings. There’s nothing like a little competition to do the impossible.

Abolish the automatic 5 or 10 percent budget increases every year. Banish the idea that all of this year’s money must be spent or there will be less next year.

Require full disclosure of all contributions to elected officials. Prison time for non-compliance.

Make federal, state, and local heads of all regulatory agencies run for office every two years. This will incite media scrutiny, new ideas, and justice.


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  1. March 30, 2012 12:37 pm

    by Robert Mackay
    Things have gotten so easy, and our lives so comfortable, that most of us, (foolishly), see no need to reason. There is no longer a perceived need to care about our surroundings. We fooled ourselves into thinking that we are more important than Nature.
    We have forgotten that we are only a part of Nature, and are subject to her brutal and unforgiving Laws. To the extent that we stray from paying attention to Nature’s “Absolutes”,(things that never change), bad things will happen to us.
    One of the most glaring mistakes is that we make our decisions based on the “Survival of the Weakest”. Does it make sense to short-change those who are destined grow up to become our Leaders, Scientists, Inventors, and the most skilled?
    A few decades ago, our compassion and pursuit of fairness, led us to empty our Mental Institutions of helpless and confused patients to fend for themselves in the dog-eat-dog World of the streets. Something is very wrong here. So what happens when Reason is gone?
    The “everything is relative” idea takes over. To say that there are no absolutes, is an absolute statement: Therefore there ARE absolutes. We have lost our standard of measurement, comparison, and VALUE by falling into the trap of thinking everything is relative.
    Right and wrong becomes impossible to sort out. Good and evil become just “someone’s opinion”. Eventually chaos takes over as we degenerate into mindless, soul-less animals looking for the most Instant Gratification at any cost.
    We will be easy to conquer if enough of us fall prey to this thinking.

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