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Newsletter and Liberty Meeting

November 9, 2011

Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance

Liberty Meeting – Special Guest Herb Lux

We’ll have have Herb Lux, Founder of the American Patriots Committee as our special guest.  Herb has been an inspiration to many in the liberty and tea party movement through activism, speeches and special patriotic conventions in the Fredericksburg area.  I know he will be an encouragement on Thursday night. Mr. Lux also has some experience with a congressional race against Cantor, and he’ll share some powerful concepts of American liberty that are essential to restoring the republic.  Want to restore the Constitution?  That’s one of his passions including the grave importance of the oath of office, which I believe he will address at the meeting.  Herb also has collided with corruption in the court system; another area that needs focus.  Please try to bring a friend and get ready to be fired up on freedom.

Location: Red’s Tax Service – 105 Pickwick Ave. – Col. Hts., VA – 7PM

Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance Meetup Details

Political Judo: How We Are Being Manipulated

How do the collectivists who push for global socialism dupe us into their traps over and over again; stealing our liberties and confiscating our wealth?   I’ll tell you.  There are several principles and one such is this, the enemy of your enemy is your friend.  How was it that “Uncle Joe” Stalin, the communist tyrant, became our strong ally for a time?  He helped us defeat Hitler’s Germany.  And likewise, if big government Gingrich, Perry or Romney voice opposition to Obama, then they must be champions of freedom.  We long to hear people in high places criticize Obama or some other politically offensive character like Soros, and when they do, we assume they are correct on many other issues.  That assumption is faulty and dangerous just like getting carried away with the Soviets after winning WWII.  One must study the history of these individuals to determine merit.  Building on this concept, the greater the aversion for the opposing politician, the more pleasing the compromised operator becomes, for instance, on the Republican side.  As animosity is stirred by media personalities against a political foe, affinity is gained for those opposing him.  Socialists (R&D) use this phenomenon against us as political judo.

Here’s an example: If the misled Occupy protesters who are purported to be odoriferous, rude leftists, protest on the side of a legitimate Constitutional issue, we will probably oppose their argument just because a GOP talking head says they smell or have bad taste.  We automatically assume EVERYTHING they are saying is wrong!  If some of them protest the private Federal Reserve Bank’s financial dictatorship, we may be tricked into defending the central bank, forgetting that the Communist Manifesto calls for a central bank.  If Occupy is contending for their freedom of speech and assembly, then we may desire that they be shut down.  When their civil rights are violated, it sets a bad precedent that will effect all of us.  If Occupy protesters rail against too big to jail bankers who benefited from trillions of dollars in bailouts, we’re tempted to stick up for the banks who have socialized their losses onto taxpayers.  It is a team mentality where everything our team does is good, however, everything the other team does is unquestionably evil.  Consider Herman Cain and the FOUR broadsides he recently took from sexual abuse allegations and many still think he is wonderful, because he’s on the establishment’s team.  What if he were Bill Clinton?  These political players are much more sophisticated than we realize.  They know fully how to disengage critical thinking and impose “group think,” and it’s time we start understanding their playbook.

President Obama wrongly promoted the Obamacare law, a federal version of Romneycare, but when he said Guantanamo detainees needed fair trials, he was correct and, believe it or not, taking a right wing position.  Obama and “Fast and Furious” Holder were defending the Constitutional and conservative side of this issue, but collectivists used them to support these specific parts of the Constitution to turn them into targets that the Republicans would help destroy.  Those targets were due process, habeas corpus and conventional trial by jury.  Neocons turned against the Constitution because Obama spoke in favor of it, and because trusted media propagandists demonized liberty through fear.  Many were unaware of their part in helping to destroy the country.  It is political judo and there are many other examples.

How do we untangle ourselves from this thought control and keep a clear head?  Here is the answer.


Three hours of Rush, who admitted carrying water for the Republicans, WILL brainwash most listeners.  He is part of the media establishment and so is Glenn Beck, who seems to stray off the reservation now and then, but even Beck returns to his old neocon – Zionist propaganda.  Six hours of Rush and Beck and you will be unable to recognize the real truth, however, you will utterly detest Obama and the Democrats.  You will always vote for the establishment Republican and perpetuate the downward spiral of America because there will be no consequence for their bad behavior. Sure Democrats are a big part of the problem, but in deeds, they are essentially on the same side as the Republicans in most matters.  Incidentally, Fox News commentators are also neoconservative propagandists and many are associated with the CFR like their more liberal counterparts.

Here are some alternative sources of information: John Birch Society,, Prison Planet TV, GCN Live, New, Lew Rockwell, and of course  You can listen and read from these fountains of information and they will help to de-program you from years of conditioning.  If you study the Constitution and the New Testament, your progress will accelerate.  There must first be a desire for truth above the praises of men and unbridled ambition.



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Newer Entries

Letters to the Editor:

False Flag Operations II: an American Tradition

To the editor:

In part one of false flag attacks, I laid the groundwork by defining and listing examples of false flag attacks.  These are covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities.  A couple of examples are the Reichstag fire or the Nazi attack on Gleiwitz that provided the pretext to start World War II.  Since we grew up learning that America is good, let’s see if our government is capable of such crimes for the purpose of manipulating public opinion.

Operation Northwoods, dated 3-3-1962, was a false flag proposal that called for the CIA and other operatives to conduct acts of terrorism in the US and elsewhere.  These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba to gain support for a war in that nation that had recently come under communism through Fidel Castro.  Specific plans included hijacking and blowing up a commercial airliner, sinking a US ship in Guantanamo Bay, creating a bogus Cuban terrorist outfit, and bombing targets in Miami and Washington DC.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff presented the plan to the Secretary of Defense but President Kennedy rejected them.  The declassified documents can be seen online.  Incidentally, President Kennedy also resisted the elite’s push for escalation in Vietnam and he began to weaken the out of control CIA before he was assassi nated on Nov. 22, 1963.  The movie JFK is a useful resource.

We see that some high profile Americans have no qualms deceiving or even killing those who pay their salaries.  Let’s take a look at the Oklahoma City bombing.  Alarmed by the Ruby Ridge and Waco atrocities, militias sprang up across America.  A plan was hatched to demonize these citizens who felt their freedoms were being threatened.  Documents released through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the FBI was warned the day before the bombing, but they did they not prevent it, however, the BATF office in the Murrah Building was unoccupied that day.  Terry Nichols, McVeigh’s accomplice, was finally permitted to give a statement that FBI agents were working  with Timothy McVeigh and were calling the shots.  The Deserat Morning News named one of the agents as Larry Potts, who was the lead FBI agent during the Ruby Ridge confrontation.  A string of bloody “suicides” occurred after the OKC bombing including that of heroic officer Terrance Yeakley, who was planning to blow the whistle on the cover up, that curiously included Eric Holder.  On his last day, Yeakley stated he was being followed by Feds.
Turkish intelligence specialists fingered Louai al Sakka, who claimed to have trained several of the 9-11 hijackers, as being a paid CIA informant.  They also assert that al-Qaeda is merely the name of a secret service operation designed to foment a strategy of tension around the world.  Furthermore, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, numbering over 1500 professionals believe the presence of nano-thermite explosives, the collapse of Building Seven, and other evidence point to a cover up and demand a criminal investigation.  The government clearly had fore-knowledge of the attack and the greatest military defense in the world stood down that day. Who benefited?  Research the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).  In 2000 these neoconservatives wrote of a “Pearl Harbor event” as a catalyst to gain support for wars in the Middle-East.
In the earlier 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, the New York Times reported on Oct 28-1993 that FBI informant Emad Salem was angered they had not prevented the bombing that killed six people and wounded over a thousand.  The informant admitted on tape, “we was start already building the bomb which is went off in the World Trade Center… built by supervision of the Bureau.”  The plan was to replace the explosive powder with fake explosives and nail the terrorists, but Salem said a supervisor called off the plan, reassigned him and the bombing took place.  Salem recorded conversations with his handlers that amounted to a 903 page transcript.
The 2008 terror attack that occurred in Mumbai left over 160 dead.  The mastermind was David Headley, who was a DEA informant and purported to be with the CIA.  Nations moving toward tyranny, create their own enemies for political purposes.  Israel helped create and fund Hamas and the mythical al Qaeda is an offshoot of the CIA backed Mujahedin.  Why would Israel finance Hamas?  Simple, attacks from Hamas give Israel support to occupy lands belonging to other people.
Now we come to a string of false flag and agent provocateured terror attempts.  Like those images hidden in graphic pictures until they emerge, so a distinct pattern is seen as the cases are investigated.  The 2007 Fort Dix terror conspiracy was described as a complex radical Islamist terror plot but the FBI concocted and encouraged the whole affair.  The FBI informants had been paid to dupe the bungling patsies and were expecting legal immigration status.
In 2005 Portland Oregon opted out of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, which caused a stir. Working behind the scenes, the FBI found another patsy they could dupe named Osman Mohamud, age 19, who was willing to set off the elaborate FBI dummy bomb late in 2010.  Known as the Christmas Tree bomber, this state sponsored act of fake terror pressured Portland to reconsider their relationship with Big Brother’s JTTF.
The underwear bomber was another patsy who attempted a failed terror plot during Christmas on a plane.  The teenager was loaded with a dummy bomb and according to attorney Kurt Haskell and his wife, eyewitnesses to whole affair, Abdul Mutallab was escorted by a well dressed man onto the plane.  Haskell claims Mutallab had no passport, but the dapper co-conspirator explained to the boarding agent that Mutallab was a Sudanese refugee (he is really Nigerian) and they did these things all the time.  Later, a cameraman was video recording Mutallab during the flight and was standing during the fizzle.  The youth’s wealthy father already warned authorities on November 19th about his son.  On January 27th, 2010 the Detroit News reported the State Department knew about Mutallab’s intentions and Patrick F. Kennedy, undersecretary of management said intelligence officials asked that his visa not be denied.   This account is notable because the TSA rapidly rolled out the previously ordered naked body scanners and the hated grope downs at airports.  Investigators have ignore the Haskells.

The September 2011 remote control plane bomber Rezwan Ferdaus was another dupe, also supplied with the plane, explosives and fake guns by undercover FBI agents,compliments of you the taxpayer.  How can they keep the war on terror alive and continue to clamp down on our liberties without feeding the flames of fear?  Heaven forbid that we demand Homeland Gestapo and the un-Patriot Act be deep-sixed.  Homegrown terror is virtually non-existent, so it must be manufactured.

The recent assassination plot targeting a Saudi ambassador was reported to have been planned by “mastermind” Mansour Arbabsiar, who acquaintances say has an affinity for prostitutes, booze and pot.  They describe him as a disorganized individual who kept loosing his keys and could not even pray.  Asia Times reported on the document of evidence that the DEA informant, under guidance of the FBI, had originated the conspiracy and pushed Arbabsiar the whole time.  It seems the pasty was interested in a big opium deal from Afghanistan, but the Feds were obsessed with an assasination plot.  There is no evidence linking the Iranian government to the scheme, despite the propaganda.  The globalists, including the Bilderberg group, have been pushing for military action against Iran for several years.

Lastly, we go to top al Qaeda operative Anwar al Awlaki, who was reported to have been killed recently, again.  His last death was in 2009, but like many al Qaeda – CIA assets, they have many lives.  Who remembers these names anyway?  Awlaki was a nexus for many of the failed bombers through e-mails that connect these patsies to al Qaeda.  The Times Square, underwear, Fort Hood, RC model plane, toner cartridge bomber and other losers were linked to the “network” through Awlaki, a US citizen.  His so-called killing provided an ominous precedent of putting citizens on kill lists without due process.  This impeachable offense establishes a guilty before proving innocence standard, that may be extended to other dissidents who don’t have scary beards or wear head coverings.  Now hold onto your seat, Fox News reported in 2010 they had received documents revealing the American Muslim cleric Anwar al Awlaki had dined with military brass at the Pentagon just months after 9-11.  I think it’s time to cut DC.

Full article with video support is under category: End the Emerging Police State

John K Rooney

Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance


Protestors have the wrong focus

Published: October 24, 2011

To the Editor:

I’ve been very disgusted with the moronic shambles, violence, and disrespectful displays of the recent protests in New York City, D.C., and others. They seem to be focused primarily on financial institutions, although it is not clear who or what they represent. They seem to be protesting anything and everything! These people are organized riff-raff mobs acting like Stalinist/Marxists. They have obviously been organized by extreme left-wing liberals who, with the help of a biased media, are trying to direct similarity to tea party protests. Good luck. here is no similarity at all.

That being said, these Wall Street protestors are focusing their anger in the wrong places. They should be protesting in front of the White House and Congress, which are the “root causes” of their anger and frustrations. Remember when President Obama promised his “Hope and Change,” which most felt that everyone would have a chance at the “American Dream” during his administration? Do you think that these protesters are feeling betrayed? Are they role models of how the “hopey/changey” thing is working for them? Unfortunately, these protestors are not doing themselves any favors. There was also a picture taken of a protestor that was found out to be a picture of a wanted fugitive from justice! Furthermore, they have left very unsanitary conditions wherever they go. Such slobs!

The tea party marchers, on the other hand, have always been peaceful, respectful of others property, and have had a defined objective – more government, more tyranny. Less government, more liberty. One example: Remember the “Restore America” rally in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 28, 2010? There were over 500,000 tea partiers there who were very respectful, nonviolent, patriotic, sanitary, and very attentive to everything said by everyone. They left the Lincoln Memorial that day exactly as how they found it. Tell me how that is similar to those low-life Wall Street protestors?

Gary Allen

Colonial Heights

Herman Cain for president?

Published: October 15, 2011

To the Editor:

If you would like a whole new type of tax and bureaucracy established in addition to the income tax, then he’s your man. His 9-9-9 plan will retain our huge income tax system (he claims he wants to eliminate it), plus add a new federal sales tax system that will drive up the costs of everything we buy with state AND federal sales taxes. This tax structure will shift a greater burden onto the poor who will have to pay more for everyday goods, but provides relief to the rich who are in much higher tax brackets.

Cain’s tax plan does not address the primary problem which is spending. Government is too big and Herman Cain’s tax structure will continue to feed our current bloated, wasteful government. He also maintains the Marxist income tax that should be totally eliminated anyway.

When or if the income tax is reduced to 9 percent how can we guarantee that Congress, in the future, will not eventually raise it to pay for some new huge spending program or war? They will raise that tax level and you’ll have 9 percent sales tax to pay in addition! Plus, knowing the history of Washington D.C., these greedy rascals will end up raising the federal sales tax as well.

He is posing as a tea party candidate while covering for the banking oligarchs who operate a privately run financial dictatorship that controls America’s money supply. It is the Federal Reserve that supplies unlimited funds to an ever growing government and is steering the United States into utter bankruptcy.

John K Rooney

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