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Yuri Bezmenov: Ex-KGB Defector Warns America

June 23, 2011
There are well-meaning people, and some not so well-meaning, who favor socialism as a way to bring about a utopian society on earth.  I would like to bring your attention to Mr. Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB agent who defected to the US from the Soviet Union in 1970 after being disgusted with the Soviet system.  The following are some revealing statements Mr. Bezmenov made during previous interviews in the mid-1980’s.  He admitted the KGB spent the greater amount of its resources (85%), not on espionage, but on ideological subversion and what they called “Active Measures.” These are types of psychological warfare. 
Interview of Yuri Bezmenov by G Edward Griffin – author of Creature from Jekyll Island
The former journalist added, “The objective was to change the perception of reality of EVERY AMERICAN to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their community and their country.”  Demoralization is the first stage in the slow process and it takes 15-20 years to complete, with the help of our educational system.  Likewise, it takes 15-20 years to reverse the process.  Bezmenov said the process of demoralization is complete in America.  So effective is demoralization, it is almost impossible to change the minds of those brainwashed in such a manner.  Even if solid evidence is presented, they are unable to assess true information.  He also stated, the result of Soviet ideological subversion was far more successful than anticipated in the US and has likened America to a ticking time bomb.  Warning us not to create a Big Brother government in DC and promise all kinds of goodies to the public; nor to destabilize the economy or eliminate free-market competition, the ex-KGB agent must have felt as if under a Cassandra Complex, as America ignored much of his sage advice.  
Yuri Bezmenov spoke of the world communist conspiracy at work, not just the efforts of the USSR at that time.  You may recall that the Bolsheviks received millions of dollars from the second largest New York bank Kuhn Loeb and other European banks.  Hitler’s fascist regime was also loaned many millions from US banks and the Bank of International Settlements.  Giant corporate and banking interests have supported totalitarianism for many years, unveiling the corporate nature of the capstone of global collectivism.   
Interview: Professor Antony Sutton
Bezmenov said demoralization is so effective that even if he took the affected person to the Soviet Union and showed him a concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it.  He continues, “Not until a military boot crashes his fat bottom, then he will understand … that’s the tragedy.”  He explains this is the reason why Marxist-Leninist reserve half-baked liberals and leftist intellectuals for the firing squad, because when they are disillusioned by the brutal reality of equality and justice under true socialism, they can become the most bitter enemies of the system.  After the “destabilization stage,” these dreamers, who have served their purpose, are no longer needed.  
Bezmenov continued by saying, “to my horror I discovered in the files of people who were doomed to execution, there were names of pro-Soviet journalists with whom I was personally friendly.  They were idealistically-minded leftists who had visited the Soviet Union several times.”  He understood that if a revolution took place there in India, they would have to go. 
I encourage liberals, socialists and neoconservative ideologues to search You Tube or for Bezmenov and learn the truth about full-blown, Marxist socialism from a real insider.  Cry out to God, preferably in the name of Jesus, and ask Him to reveal the truth to you.  He can unlock your mind! 
John K Rooney
Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance

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